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Glass Wing Butterfly
March 16, 2013, 10:46 am
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Glass Wing Butterfly:

Never seen or heard of this amazing glass wing butterfly. This is no photoshopping, it really exists! Found primarily in Central America (Mexico through Panama), the glasswinged butterfly’s name in Spanish is Espejitos which translates as little mirrors. In certain lights, the translucent wing parts have a glossy, almost reflective quality to them that makes their Spanish name effectively accurate.
glasswingbutterfly2 640x640 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly3 640x561 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly4 640x426 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly5 640x474 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly6 640x457 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly7 640x493 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly8 640x529 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly9 640x457 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly10 640x725 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly11 640x787 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly12 640x475 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly13 640x719 Glass Wing Butterfly glasswingbutterfly14 640x426 Glass Wing Butterfly
Photo credit [FarrukhDavid FreEddy Van 3000Ashley CohenKal AhmedSophie L. MillerRalph StewartPaul Gallo,nondesigner59Paul WymancrayolamomLinda De Volder]
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