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Toots & the Maytals “Roots Reggae” (The Early Jamaican Albums)
March 13, 2013, 10:03 am
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Toots & the Maytals “Roots Reggae” (The Early Jamaican Albums): Whether you’re a reggae fan or not, you will enjoy this long awaited box set. This is simply the best Jamaican music you will find anywhere. It covers ska, rock steady, and early reggae hits by one of the islands top bands, Toots & the Maytals. Packed with hit after hit after hit, this set is sure to please, from early ska tunes like “It’s You” and “My New Name” to the classic rock steady beat of “54-46 That’s My Number” to the funky reggae beat of “Time Tough.”
For Maytals fans this is an absolute must. This set marks the first time the exceedingly rare “Greatest Hits” album has been available on CD. The album features classic singles like “One Eye Enos” and “54-46 Was My Number” as well as rarely heard tunes like “I Feel Alright” and “Teacher Teacher.”
Fantastic from start to finish, even the casual reggae listener will be able to appreciate the musical genius in this set. If you were not a Maytals fan before, you will be after listening to classics “Sweet & Dandy” and “Pressure Drop.” This irresistable set should be in your box now!  (Amazon)Although the original incarnation of Toots & the Maytals (Toots Hibbert, Nathaniel “Jerry” McCarthy, and Raleigh Gordon) parted ways in 1981, between the years 1964 and 1974 they managed to assemble one of the most highly charged and distinctive bodies of work in the history of Jamaican music. Roots Reggae (The Early Jamaican Albums), released on Trojan Records, covers the period over six-discs and includes six of the seven Jamaican LPs the group released before signing with Island Records in 1975. Led by Toots’ Kingston-by-way-of-Memphis lead vocals and the ragged call-and-response background singing of McCarthy and Gordon, the trio created gospel-fueled reggae classics like “Bam Bam,” “54-46 Was My Number,” “Monkey Man,” “Sweet and Dandy,” “Pomps and Pride,” “Funky Kingston,” “In the Dark,” “Time Tough,” and the immortal “Pressure Drop,” all of which carried the stomp and wallop of the best and most enduring soul music of the day. Included here in CD-sized slip cover facsimiles are The Sensational Maytals, produced by Byron Lee and originally released in 1965, three LPs produced by Leslie Kong (Sweet and Dandy, Monkey Man, and The Maytals Greatest Hits), and two LPs produced by Lyn Warrick, after the group returned to Byron Lee’s Dynamic Sounds Studios following the death of Kong in 1971 (Slatyam Stoot and Roots Reggae). A seventh Maytals’ album, the early ska classic Never Grow Old, is absent from this set for contractual reasons. The material is remarkably consistent on these releases, and when you keep in mind that the 7″ single has always been the preferred medium for Jamaican music, this run of albums is made all the more amazing. Had Toots & the Maytals never recorded another note, the music contained in this box set would have still assured them legendary status, and while they refined things somewhat after they signed to Island Records in 1975, the heart and soul of their reputation is based on what you’ll hear on these six discs. (Steve Leggett, Allmusic)trax “Sweet and Dandy”:
01 monkey man 02 pressure drop 03 i shall be free 04 bla, bla, bla 05 just tell me 06 we shall overcome 07 sweet and dandy 08 scare him 09 alidina (version 1) 10 i need your love 11 54-46 That’s My Number 12 Oh Yeahtrax “Slatyam Stoot”:
01 louie louie 02 pomps and pride 03 daddy 04 if you act this way 05 pressure drop 06 redemption song 07 come reggay 08 the same thing 09 collie baby 10 it was written downtrax “The Sensational Maytals”:
01 it’s you 02 daddy 03 never you change 04 if you act this way 05 it’s no use 06 you make me feel the way i do 07 what’s on your mind 08 my new name 09 fever. 10 she will never let me down (7_ alt. take) 11 i know 12 tell me the reasontrax “Greatest Hits”:
14 walk with love 15 teacher teacher 16 peeping tom 17 one eye enos 18 i feel alright 19 54-46 was my number 20 monkey girl 21 gonna need somebody 22 i alone 23 got to feel ittrax “Monkey Man”:
02 peeping tom 03 revival reggae 04 give peace a chance 05 gold & silver 06 the preacher 07 bla bla bla 08 doctor lester 09 monkey man 10 sun, moon & star 11 pressure drop 12 she’s my scorcher 13 i shall be freetrax “Roots Reggae”:

01 take me home country roads 02 time tough 03 fever 04 revolution 05 i can’t believe 06 in the dark 07 i see you 08 love gonna walk out on me 09 sailing on 10 take a look in the mirror
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