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THE CRAMPS “File Under Sacred Music” (10-single vinyl boxset, includes all artwork)
March 12, 2013, 9:31 am
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THE CRAMPS “File Under Sacred Music” (10-single vinyl boxset, includes all artwork): The Cramps may have swept to attention in the wake of the ‘70s punk rock wave, but they were of a different species entirely. This otherness is what makes the Cramps so special. By accident, design or mutated genetic disposition they were able to tap directly into the deep India-ink-black essence that lies at the core of all primal rock’n’roll. What they created with their best music and their live performances—that otherness—was something that existed out-of-time with the rest of the world—and certainly the rest of the music scene. The Cramps’ unique vision spawned hundreds of imitators, hopping blindly, stupidly like so many fleas on the back of a big hairy dog. The wanna-fleas may have grokked the mad rockabilly pulse or the voodoo mystique, but the vital essence of it was beyond their understanding. Only the Cramps themselves fully grokked that secret, sacred magic.

If you’d forgotten or, god forbid, never knew just how great the Cramps were, this 10-single vinyl boxset will set you straight in a hurry. Some of the very best of their earliest primal goo-goo muck is here: “The Way I Walk,” “Human Fly,” “Mystery Plane,” “Garbage Man,” “TV Set,” “Goo Goo Muck,” “New Kind of Kick”—the list goes on. Six of these 10 discs are splendid repros of the original 1978-81 singles; four are new pairings with specially-designed cover art in keeping with the all-important original aesthetic. The vinyl box also includes a nifty envelope stuffed with picture postcards.
Liner notes by original Legion of the Cramped fanclub prez Lindsay Hutton seal the deal for this box of Uranium-infused rock’n’roll juice that’ll provide thrills and chills for a million years to come. Sacred. (Mike Stax) Ugly Things
01 Surfin’ Bird (The Way I Walk A-Side) 02 The Way I Walk (Surfin’ Bird B-Side) 03 Human Fly (Domino A-Side) 04 Domino (Human Fly B-Side) 05 Lonesome Town (Mystery Plane A-Side) 06 Mystery Plane (Lonesome Town B-Side) 07 Fever (Garbageman A-Side) 08 Garbageman (Fever B-Side) 09 TV Set (The Mad Daddy A-Side) 10 The Mad Daddy (TV Set B-Side) 11 Drug Train (Love Me + I Can’t Hardly Stand It A-Side) 12 Love Me (Drug Train B-Side) 13 I Can’t Hardly Stand It (Drug Train B-Side) 14 Twist And Shout (Uranium Rock A-Side) 15 Uranium Rock (Twist And Shout B-Side) 16 Goo Goo Muck (She Said A-Side) 17 She Said (Goo Goo Muck B-Side) 18 The Crusher (Save It + New Kind Of Kick A-Side) 19 Save It (The Crusher B-Side) 20 New Kind Of Kick (The Crusher B-Side) 21 Rockin’ Bones (Voodoo Idol A-Side) 22 Voodoo Idol (Rockin’ Bones B-Side)
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