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I bet you still use Helvetica.
March 8, 2013, 2:20 pm
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I bet you still use Helvetica.
I bet you still use Helvetica.

Leggings fanny pack messenger bag yr odd future banh mi. Mlkshk cred flannel, terry richardson chillwave odd future fingerstache. Raw denim whatever disrupt chambray, aesthetic carles sustainable jean shorts flexitarian deep v sriracha forage cray master cleanse swag. Letterpress skateboard YOLO pickled iphone. Hoodie polaroid williamsburg plaid irony direct trade. Beard neutra odd future fap flexitarian. Pug hella scenester 90’s locavore selvage yr freegan polaroid.

Messenger bag flannel leggings salvia, cliche mcsweeney’s iphone small batch. Art party hella neutra biodiesel. Bicycle rights fashion axe ennui, authentic DIY locavore odd future portland williamsburg irony freegan. Craft beer mlkshk cliche, twee pop-up truffaut bushwick. Actually helvetica ethical fanny pack, photo booth typewriter keffiyeh flexitarian pitchfork disrupt street art put a bird on it chambray. Thundercats meh cred food truck keffiyeh. Plaid brunch pinterest, gastropub meh sartorial narwhal keffiyeh farm-to-table +1.

Craft beer flannel marfa echo park, narwhal gastropub odd future 8-bit cray next level truffaut fixie tofu. Mcsweeney’s butcher vinyl cliche chillwave, +1 fingerstache echo park. Selfies williamsburg flexitarian art party fap stumptown. American apparel chambray try-hard mlkshk street art. Kogi cray flannel dreamcatcher. Farm-to-table vinyl flexitarian jean shorts, beard viral pinterest. Blog butcher yr cred single-origin coffee.

Retro portland cliche, bushwick four loko actually leggings sriracha church-key hoodie cosby sweater. Hella umami tumblr etsy. Small batch selvage pickled street art raw denim thundercats. Ennui PBR cardigan small batch fingerstache biodiesel. Fashion axe godard you probably haven’t heard of them, fingerstache four loko helvetica hashtag irony pork belly vice blue bottle swag. Intelligentsia artisan literally fixie. Twee street art pour-over ethnic.

Do you need some dummy text? *sigh* Of course you do.

I bet you still use Helvetica too…


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