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If You Can Read This, You’re Surviving the Sequester Cuts
March 6, 2013, 2:04 pm
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If You Can Read This, You’re Surviving the Sequester Cuts:

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived the “sequester”
That may surprise you, since President Obama likened the
sequester to taking a “meat cleaver” to government, causing FBI
agents to be furloughed, prosecutors to let criminals escape and
medical research to grind to a halt!
The media hyped it, too. The NBC Nightly News said, “The
sequester could cripple air travel, force firefighter layoffs —
even kick preschoolers out of child care!”
The truth is that the terrifying sequester cuts weren’t even
cuts. They were merely a small reduction in government’s planned
increase in spending. A very small reduction.
After a decade, the federal
government will simply spend about $4.6 trillion a year instead of
$4.5 trillion (in 2012 dollars).
And still members of Congress, Republicans included, look for
ways to delay the cuts, like spreading them out over 10 years
instead of making any now. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., asked, “If we
cannot do this little bit … how are we ever going to balance the
Actually, we don’t even need to balance the budget. If we just
slowed the growth of government to 1 or 2 percent a year, we could
grow our way out of unsustainable debt.
Paul recommends freezing hiring of federal workers, staying out
of most foreign military conflicts and eliminating four
Cabinet-level departments: Housing, Education, Energy and Commerce.
Why do we even have a Commerce Department? Commerce just happens.
The free market provides housing and energy. Education is funded by
Those Cabinet departments don’t exist just to help you. The
housing budget funds vouchers that give people an incentive not to
seek higher-paying jobs, plus advocacy groups and in a few cases
even homes for the bureaucrats themselves.
Federal education spending pleases education bureaucrats and
teachers unions but doesn’t raise kids’ test scores. Energy
subsidies go to “green” crony capitalists like those who ran
Solyndra. The Commerce Department awards taxpayer-funded trips to
politically connected CEOs to promote their companies overseas.
We could cut still more departments. I’d start with the
departments of Labor and Agriculture. Workers can labor and farmers
can farm without federal help.
But the chances of bigger cuts — or tackling the biggest
threat, Medicare — seem remote when government won’t even ditch
budget items like these:
— $140,000 to study pig feces in China.
— $100,000 for a videogame about aliens saving planets from
climate change.
— $88,000 for a comedy tour in India called “Make Chai, Not
— $55,000 to study immaturity and drinking.
Did those sound like jokes? They are all too real.
Maybe I — and people my age — can avoid making cuts. Since so
much spending is lavished on older Americans, we can let younger
generations foot the bill. But that will be tricky, since the
portion of the population that’s my age keeps getting larger.
My fellow baby boomers and I rudely refuse to die, and we want
all the cool new stuff modern medicine invents. We expect it to be
free, or nearly free, through Medicare.
Unfortunately, there aren’t enough young people to pay for what
we’ll collect from Medicare. Birth rates are falling. Young people
in America now don’t have enough babies to replace themselves, let
alone enough to become workers to fund Medicare. Worse, many of
those young people learned bad lessons from us baby boomers — like
how to be parasites.
One student from California State, Northridge told my viewers
that his plan for the future is: “Beat the system — take out a
bunch of loans, and don’t pay them back. … What (else) are you
going to do, work?”
Well, someone has to.
Frederic Bastiat wrote, “Government is the great fiction through
which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody
But government, which wants you to think it is so useful and
generous, can’t spend a dime until it takes that dime from us.
It’s time to stop kidding ourselves. Think of the sequester
“cuts” as a very gentle wake-up call.


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