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A Peek Inside The Life Of A Professional Cannabis Pastry Chef
March 5, 2013, 11:16 am
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A Peek Inside The Life Of A Professional Cannabis Pastry Chef:

In Los Angeles, one anonymous resident supports herself and her family by selling cannabis pastries to the medical marijuana clubs in her neighborhood.

In this photo story,—which shows the process of baking with cannabis butter or oil—one gets a rare look into the unusual trade of cannabis pastry-making.

Like any other kind of baking, the secret to producing delicious cannabis pastries is the use of high-quality ingredients, which are delivered fresh.

“When I’m baking, I feel like a good witch with my cauldron. It’s fun. The vapors can get you stoned — they’ve actually made me ill if I haven’t had enough to eat or if I forget to open the windows. I don’t work on the oil or butter while the kids are home, and I make sure the house is really well-ventilated.”

She sells most of her goods to local medical marijuana clubs and local dispensaries and through word-of-mouth—but she still does not want to have a website as she considers it unwise to have an online presence, considering the nature of her goods.

[via Highsnobiety]


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