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Global Warming Needs a Better Meme
March 4, 2013, 10:16 am
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Global Warming Needs a Better Meme:

Memes are easier seen and spread than explained, but they are, essentially, elements of culture that are passed, generally electronically, from one person to another. This, according to Joe Brewer and Lazlo Karafiath of DarwinSF’s Climate Meme Project, makes global warming a meme; but not a very good one.
As a meme, global warming has only spread to 5% of the population: those who actively deny its existence and those actively working to reverse it. The other 95% of the population, those who have not been “infected” with the meme, protect themselves by ignoring it.
Through a crowdfunded study, Brewer and Karafiath aimed to find out why the global warming/climate change meme has not spread to more people, and what changes could be made for it to “infect” mainstream culture. They gathered over 5000 global warming memes and separated them into categories including harmony, survival, cooperation and elitism.
What they found is that all dimensions of the global warming meme contain elements of negativity, gloom and conflict. This, they argue, is why, unlike the Harlem Shake and grumpy cat, the meme has failed to spread. Global warming needs a meme with greater mass appeal.
According to the study, we need to look outside the existing global warming meme to discover a more effective one. The elements missing from the meme as it is now, are some of the most inspiring dimensions of the human experience: collaboration, love, sharing, innovation, creativity etc.
The way forward for the global warming meme, it seems, is through collaboratively working to find a way to address the issue in a way that captures the connection, innovation, strength and shared vision of the global community.
Here’s a video explaining the Climate Meme Project:

Here’s a slideshare of the Climate Meme study:

Global Warming is a Virus from DarwinSF


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