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McGrath: “This Battleground is Coming to a Town Near You”
March 2, 2013, 10:02 am
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McGrath: “This Battleground is Coming to a Town Near You”:
Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News explains what it means to live in the United States of Terror:

It really doesn’t matter what they say. It really doesn’t matter how they twist the facts.
What matters is how you perceive what they’re telling you.
They’re telling you that we’re waging war non-stop, for an enemy that we can’t find, that lives in a nation that we can’t describe, a flag that we can’t conquer, an enemy that can’t surrender. They’re tell us the war is going to continue forever.
And, more terrifyingly, if you want something to be afraid of, don’t be afraid of the terrorist under your bed.
Be afraid of your own government, who’s amassing ammunition by the billions in agencies such as the Social Security Administration and NOAA. No specific reason is given – these aren’t agencies that are fighting terrorism or fighting foreign wars.
Now we have Eric Holder, the chief legal counsel of this nation, telling us that the threat he is worried about is the threat that these home grown terrorists pose to the people of this country.
I am afraid of terrorists.
I’m afraid of terrorists in Washington D.C.
I’m afraid of terrorists, financial terrorists, that own the politicians in Washington D.C.

They’re telling us this war around the world is going to continue because the threat of nodes of Al Queda are everywhere.
They’re also telling us… this battleground is coming to a town near you.

Charlie McGrath is a host on the Rense Radio Network.
Follow his regular updates at Wide Awake News and on Youtube.


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