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The Anarchist’s Guide to Seed Sharing
February 27, 2013, 10:46 am
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The Anarchist’s Guide to Seed Sharing:

Eating in Public was founded in 2003 in Hawai’i by Gaye Chan and Nandita Sharma. We have grown and shared food on private/public land. We have set up a growing ‘chain’ of free stores where anyone and everyone can leave or take goods. We are implementing an anarchist recycling system on the island of O’ahu. We have done all of this without ever asking for permission.
We do this to make fun of, and make trouble with, the State. We want to show that the commons can still exist right in the middle of the capitalist/state regime. And we can take care of each other while we take care of ourselves.
Our ideas are not original. We are simply continuing the work of the 17th century Diggers in remaking the commons. Join us if you want. Or, better yet, take our ideas and run with them… as far, smart, and fast as you can.
To this end, Eating in Public implements systems of free, anarchist, autonomous exchange outside of the State and capitalist regimes. This project focuses on the sharing of seeds.

Each Seed-Sharing Station is crafted to fit the specifications of each location. Self-standing, wall-mounted, bigger, smaller… Photo credit: Eating in Public. Used with permission.
Why share seeds?
Seed-sharing is an ancient practice throughout the world. It is currently under threat by big industrial seed corporations (e.g. Monsanto). They want to patent seeds and prevent us from sharing them so we will always be forced to buy from them. Seed sharing is crucial to our freedom and autonomy from capitalism, and crucial for our collective survival.
Call to Action
Eating in Public seeks out prospective organizations/entities to implement SHARE SEEDS stations, particularly locations with lots of traffic and used by people of diverse populations — e.g. community centers, libraries, churches, coffee shops, senior service centers, etc.
Each of our stations is launched with a stapler, rubber stamp/pad, pencils, a starter kit of recycled envelopes, and approximately 50 seed packets. They are extremely low maintenance and self-explanatory.

If you are on O’ahu and want to adopt a SHARE SEEDS station, we will provide one without charge. Ideally, adoption is forever or at least a year. Adoptive organizations also agree to periodically ink the stamp pad, sharpen the pencils, restock the stapler, and recycled envelopes, and send EIP photos of the stations in action.
If you are not on O’ahu, we can mail you the decals for signage and rubber stamps, but it doesn’t seem right environmentally to ship stuff made of repurposed wood around. We have made DIY instructions for folks to build their own. If you can’t do it, contact us, and we will try to connect you with someone in your neighborhood who can.
Want to make your own?
DIY Instructions.


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