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Iggy Pop & James Williamson – Kill City [1977] Vinyl Rip!!!
February 26, 2013, 3:46 pm
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Iggy Pop & James Williamson – Kill City [1977] Vinyl Rip!!!:

             IGGY POP & JAMES WILLIAMSON              
“I live here in kill city where the debris meets the sea
It’s a playground to the rich, but it’s a loaded gun to me…”

Kill City was originally recorded in 1975 after the disintegration of the group. It was to be used as a demo to give to record labels in hopes of getting Pop a new contract. His vocals were recorded on weekends when he received permission to leave a mental hospital he was staying in at the time for treatment of his long-standing heroin addiction. The original 1975 ‘demo’ mix of the album remains unheard, with the exception of three tracks which have been released on various compilations including A Million in Prizes and Original Punks: “Johanna”, “Consolation Prizes” and “Kill City”. These sound markedly different from the final version of the album, with different guitar parts and, in the case of “Johanna,” no saxophone. There would be no takers for the album until 1977 when, following the success of Pop’s solo albums The Idiot and Lust for Life, James Williamson got an advance from Bomp to release the album; some of which was used to fund studio time to finish off the original recordings by adding overdubs and remixing. Stonesy influenced garage punk with some killer songs and cool instro Master Charge I really dig. It’s one of those Lp’s that grew pretty strong on me over the years. Killer Vinyl Rip! Dig!


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