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Ex-CIA Waterboarding Whistleblower Prepares to Head to Prison
February 22, 2013, 2:16 pm
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Ex-CIA Waterboarding Whistleblower Prepares to Head to Prison:

John KiriakouNext week John Kiriakou will head to federal
prison in Loretto, Pa., for 30 months for the
of telling a journalist a name of a CIA agent.
Kiriakou, a former CIA agent, is also credited with being the
first government official to publicly confirm that the United
States engaged in the waterboarding of al Qaeda prisoners. But he
wasn’t charged for that. He gave the name of a covert officer to a
journalist, he told
New York Times
reporter Scott Shane, to turn to as a
potential source and didn’t think it would be revealed (and it
wasn’t until years later). Kiriakou said he mistakenly thought the
CIA agent had retired.
Kiriakou agreed to a plea deal in order to eliminate some
trumped up federal espionage charges and was found guilty of
violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. His sentence
is the same as that of Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s former chief of
staff, convicted of various crimes connected to the leaking of CIA
agent Valerie Plame’s name.
Last night
of Kiriakou
held a party
in his honor at the Hay-Adams hotel in Washington,
D.C., as he prepares for prison. Via the Washington

Kiriakou, 48, seemed unbowed and almost content at the prospect
of prison as he basked in the well wishes of about 100 supporters,
who gathered for a posh send-off at the luxury hotel. The guests
wore orange jumpsuits and other mock prison garb and serenaded
Kiriakou with a reworked version of the protest anthem “Have You
Been to Jail for Justice?”
“I’m proud of my career,” said Kiriakou, who lives in Arlington
County. “I still love the CIA — crazy as that may sound. . . . I
wear my conviction as a badge of honor.”

Let’s hope he’s not expecting President Barack Obama will
commute his sentence the way President George W. Bush did for
Libby.  As Jacob Sullum noted in January, Obama commuted
a single sentence
during his first term as president. And given
the administration’s own war on transparency and leakers (well,
unapproved leakers anyway), the president is probably wishing he
could make the sentence even longer.


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