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A father and daughter talk about their photo tradition, 15 years in the making
January 16, 2013, 7:32 am
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A father and daughter talk about their photo tradition, 15 years in the making:
In his TED Talk, Steven Addis shared a tradition that he and has daughter have kept for 15 years, since she was just a year old. On a father-daughter trip to New York City, the pair asks a stranger to snap a photo of them on the exact same street corner. Addis calls these photos his 15 most treasured images.
Yesterday, Addis and his daughter appeared on CBS News to share more about their tradition. Sabina Addis, now 16-years-old, spoke about the ritual from her perspective.
“I think it’s a really special trip. New York really laid down the foundation of the relationship my dad and I have together. We have a level of trust and comfort together that I can’t image many 16-year-olds have with their fathers,” she says. “For me, it’s really cool just to see how we’ve both grown and how different I look every single year. Each one triggers back a memory of each specific trip. It queues up a lot of memories.”
When asked how long they plan to continue this tradition, Steven Addis says, “Now it’s sacred … The plan is for the rest of, probably, my life.”
Read more about others with time-lapse photo traditions >>


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