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Doomsday Prophet Admits to Buying Influence at Camp Pendleton
August 23, 2012, 7:16 am
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Doomsday Prophet Admits to Buying Influence at Marine Corps Base:

Via Rock Beyond Belief:
Apocalyptic Christian groups have long proselytized within the United States military fostering an underlying mythos of worldwide destruction and Manifest Destiny that provides a continuum with the political rhetoric of theoconservatives.  The drive to self-fulfill prophecy becomes the fodder for irrational fear based domestic politics and the justification for foreign policies that create enemies out of innocents.
It is time that the endeavors of religious organizations to infiltrate and influence the workings of the military and the state apparatus are exposed.
Fortunately the Army thought Foxhole Atheist Justin Griffith needed ‘remedial Spiritual Fitness Training’ and suggested he write a blog… He writes at Rock Beyond Belief:

     “Two national atheist groups, and one advocating religious freedom, have complained to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus   that officials at Camp Pendleton, Calif., continue to deny them access to the base while giving “preferential treatment” to Christian religious organizations, including a controversial church they say is steeped in “doomsday theology” and embroiled in sexual-abuse scandals.”
“We are disturbed that the government is giving such extensive support, including assets, resources and personnel, to a single sect of Christianity,” the three groups wrote in their letter to Mabus. “Even more troubling is the ‘doomsday’ nature of the CCCM. … The last thing Camp Pendleton needs is a large group of well-armed Marines convinced of an imminent doomsday crisis.”

The Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in Southern California, the mother church in a network of some 1,300 Calvary Chapels has been allowed access to the base facilities to throw numerous parties for marines and their families.  These events utilize public tax dollars that are denied to other interest groups.
Would the Marines be open to allowing gatherings from a mosque who preaches the apocalyptic coming of the Mahdi?  Such behavior amongst ‘Mahommedanians’ is portrayed as medieval.  The Western world, of course,  abandoned such practices during the Crusades.
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