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July 24, 2012, 7:49 am
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Meteor Records was a record label started by the Bihari brothers, owners of Modern Records in Los Angeles, in 1952 in Memphis. The label, to be run by Lester Bihari, was a bold experiment to broaden the talent base by focusing on signing and recording Southern regional talent by having recording studios locally available. Elmore James recorded the first release, “I Believe”/”I Held My Baby Last Night”. He was their biggest name also with Rufus Thomas, Junior Thompson and Charlie Feathers. The label was not a success and by 1956 it was clear that the growing teenage rock ‘n roll market was not buying Southern based blues. In 1957 Meteor Records issued its last recording and the Bihari brothers consolidated their labels in Los Angeles. The last issue by Meteor was in late 1957. Although the label did not succeed economically, it was an innovative effort on the part of the Bihari brothers to broaden the musical base.

1. Mama’s Little Baby – Junior Thompson & The Meteors 2. Raw Deal – Junior Thompson & The Meteors 3. Tongue Tied Jill – Charlie Feathers & Jody and Jerry 4. Get With It – Charlie Feathers & Jody and Jerry 5. Rock, Roll, And Rhythm – Wayne McGinnis w/The Swingteens 6. Lonesome Rhythm Blues – Wayne McGinnis w/The Swingteens 7. Don’t Shoot Me Baby – Bill Bowen & The Rockets 8. Have Myself A Ball – Bill Bowen & The Rockets 9. All Messed Up – Jess Hooper & The Daydreamers 10. Sleepy Time Blues – Jess Hooper & The Daydreamers 11. Latch On To Your Baby – Jimmy Lamberth & The Saxons 12. Bop, Baby, Bop – Brad Suggs & The Swingers 13. Charcoal Suit – Brad Suggs & The Swingers 14. Can’t Steal My Way Around – Barney Burcham & The Daydreamers 15. Much Too Young For Love – Barney Burcham & The Daydreamers 16. Curfew – Steve Carl & The Jags 17. 18 Year Old Blues – Steve Carl & The Jags 18. Gonna Shut You Off Baby – Jimmy Haggett & The Daydreamers 19. Women – Lendon Smith & The Jesters 20. Brother, That’s All – Red Hadley’s Wranglers 21. Real Gone Baby – The Velvetones & The Memphis Rhythm Boys 22. A Gal Named Joe – Mac Sales & The Esquire Trio 23. Yakety Yak – Mac & Jake & The Esquire Trio 24. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Nuthin’ – Mason Dixon & The Redskins
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