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The 2,700 Year Old Art and Science of Encryption
May 12, 2012, 8:04 am
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The 2,700 Year Old Art and Science of Encryption:
Alberti Cipher
When most think of encryption, they think of computers using complex algorithms to hide data in ways that require a password or key. This is a very modern and simplistic view of a long and stories history behind encryption. Since the dawn of human communication we’ve had a need to be able to send messages without the risk of them being seen by the wrong people. Thus, encryption is as old as the written word in some cultures.
This graphic depicts some of the amazing forms of encryption that have been scattered through our history. Without computers, one needs to have a very creative mind to come up with many of these encryption styles such as the Alberti cipher pictured above.
Click to enlarge.
History of Encryption

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