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May 9, 2012, 6:33 am
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Saucy late-’40s/early-’50s R&B from women singers with varying degrees of name recognition. Under-recognized vocalists such as Thelma Cooper and Ella Johnson share disc space with bigtimers Sarah Vaughan and Lil Armstrong, as well as a bunch of complete nobodies who make the obscure-o-meter ring off the scale. Several of these tracks are killer. (Slipcue)

1. Ooh Daddy – Thelma Cooper 2. Talk To Me Daddy – Thelma Cooper 3. Groovy Blues – Camille Howard 4. Mr. Fine – Camille Howard 5. I Need A Man – Thelma Cooper 6. All Too Soon – Sarah Vaughan 7. Darling Baby – Ella Johnson 8. Since You Went Away – Ella Johnson 9. Joogie Boogie – Lil Armstrong 10. Brown Gal – Lil Armstrong 11. Rock It – Lil Armstrong 12. Big Fat Hot Dog – Agnes Riley 13. Is It A Sin? – Millie Bosman 14. Hey Little Boy – Unknown 15. Baby Daddy – Lil Armstrong 16. Piano Player Blues – Dorothy Donegan 17. Stuff You Gotta Watch – Daisy Mae & Her Hepcats 18. Lonesome Playgirl – Daisy Mae & Her Hepcats 19. My Baby’s Cool – Claudine Clark 20. Hungry Girl – Doris Browne 21. You Hit Me Baby Like An Atomic Bomb – Fay Simmons
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