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Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – February 8, 2012
February 9, 2012, 4:24 pm
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Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – February 8, 2012:

Insider Tip: New Cache Alerts via Text Message

The ping of your next text message could be the starting bell for a geocaching adventure. Premium Members can receive email alerts for newly published geocaches, giving those geocachers racing to claim a “First to Find” a much-needed head start. Many mobile phone owners can get an additional leg up on the competition by emailing new cache notifications to their phone via email-to-SMS.

Email-to-SMS allows you to send an email to your phone, where it will show up as a text message. This means you don’t have to remain glued to your inbox to claim that “First to Find.”

Directing Instant Notifications to your mobile phone takes eight steps of know-how, which you can find in this Help Center article. Get ready for the ping of a new text message to take geocaching to the next level!

Quick disclaimer: Your phone needs to have internet access to receive Instant Notifications by text. Most mobile service providers offer this service, but it may not work on all phones. Your mobile provider’s text messaging rates may apply.


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