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THE COOKIES "The Absolute Complete (And Oh So Sweet!)"
October 15, 2011, 11:28 pm
Filed under: Uncategorized Hendrix, Ethyl “Earl-Jean” McCrea, and Pat Lyles comprised the first Cookies, recorded for Aladdin’s Lamp imprint, and in 1955 moved to Atlantic Records where Ray Charles transformed them into the Raelettes, but not before they had a hit with In Paradise. The second incarnation of the Cookies kept McCrea and added Dorothy Jones and Margaret Ross and essentially became a secondary song dump for Brill Building occupants Goffin and King. Still the Cookies sang whatever they were given with such vivacity and energy that they redeemed it, turning imperfections into endearing moments, as hits such as Chains, Don’t Say Nothing Bad About My Baby, and Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys document. As the title states, this CD collects the works of both Cookies groups and adds four Earl-Jean solo tracks, including the original version of I’m Into Something Good, later a sizable hit for Herman’s Hermits. No booklet notes with this one. (Note: This has 10 more tracks than the out-of-print Sequel Records release, which collected the Dimension sides only.) (Roots & Rhythm)

The Cookies
1. In Paradise 2. Chains 3. King Of Hearts 4. Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad About My Baby 5. Down By The River
Earl-Jean McCrea
6. I’m Into Something Good
The Cookies
7. All Night Mambo 8. Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys 9. Don’t Let Go 10. I Never Dreamed 11. I Want A Boy For My Birthday 12. Hippy Dippy Daddy 13. Will Power 14. Stranger In My Arms 15. On Broadway 16. Foolish Little Girl 17. The Old Crowd 18. My Lover
Earl-Jean McCrea
19. Randy
The Cookies
20. Only To Other People 21. Precious Love 22. Passing Time 23. Softly In The Night 24. Later Later
Earl-Jean McCrea
25. They’re Jealous Of Me 26. We Love And Learn
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